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Lasting Change

Many women die from a lack of knowledge about preventable diseases. When women die in childbirth, it is often attributed to witchcraft or a lack of faithfulness.


We work with grassroots faith-based networks to produce and distribute research-based health education to prevent disease and improve lives.  

Our work expands short-term missions into year-round improvement and global development into faith communities that span the generations.

Your gifts save lives.

Donate online to Hearts United for Health or mail gifts to:

Harper Hill Global

2006 Acklen Avenue


Nashville, TN 37212

Memo: Hearts United for Health

Harper Hill Global is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code; EIN #82-2165941.


Harper Hill Global empowers the human spirit through media, messaging, and mobile solutions aimed at improving lives and relieving human suffering.

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