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Welcome to Hearts United for Health, where you can download free educational resources to prevent disease and heal from trauma. 



We will provide educational resources and training so you can leave a legacy of health behind. Whether you are participating in an immersion or mission trip, working in your own community, or within a congregation, we help you help others with knowledge that lasts for generations.



This animation is one example of the resources we provide for disease prevention awareness in local communities. Animations are available in English, Spanish, French, Swahili, Portuguese, and Hausa. Songs are available in Spanish and Congolese Swahili. Text messages are available with a consultation on cloud-based automated messaging.

Hearts United for Health

Hearts United for Health

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Hearts United for Health
Bundle includes

  • Videos

  • Music 

  • Coloring Book

Triumph Over Trauma Resource Package 

Download our free trauma-informed community care resources package with information, guides, and resources to learn about trauma and to help share our program with local community members.

Our resources package includes:

  • TAMAR 7-session Program Curriculum 

  • TAMAR-Youth Facilitator Manual  NEW

  • Supplements for Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and Native American Contexts

  • Media Kit with video, social media graphics, and sample posts


Our public awareness health programs have prevented diseases by people just like you…people who are willing to teach and share resources.